Building a permanent church home for God's Little Angels

This is our most important project! The orphanage is the base of operations for our ministry. We are at capacity with 90 orphans and several widows living in a rented building. Our hope is to buy a small piece of land and build a permanent home for God’s Little Angels Orphanage. The goal is to offer a safe place where we can provide food, clothing, shelter and Christian education, for at least 500 kids and widows who need our help! 

Journey with Jesus

This project provides trained staff to teach Sunday school in many cities throughout Pakistan. Thousands of kids are receiving a quality education under this initiative. In a predominantly Muslim country, there is a great need for us to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to Pakistani children. We need your help to recruit and train more teachers!

Monthly Food Distribution

We distribute food every month to hundreds of poor Christian families and widows who have registered with God’s Little Angels. Many of these families and widows lack the financial resources or career opportunities to rise above poverty. Through God and your kind donations, we have been blessed to help those in need. 

Children’s Bible Distribution 

Seeing the expression of joy on a child’s face when they receive a Bible is priceless! Spreading the word of Jesus Christ to Pakistani youth is a priority for our ministry. These children do not have much. Giving them a Bible of their own is a wonderful blessing. We need your help to continue providing Bibles to children all over Pakistan.

Educational Development for Kids

We award monthly scholarships to kids in need. The scholarship money helps pay for their school fees, books, and supplies. Supporting kids who want an education but lack the resources to pay basic school expenses is a blessing. We believe supporting talented youth in the Pakistani community will build their skills and glorify our Lord’s name. Will you help support these wonderful kids?

Outreach Ministry

Beyond the walls of our orphanage, we visit many cities in Pakistan. We minister to kids who are unaware of the gospel of Jesus. Our objective is to teach these kids to repent and prepare for the Lord’s second coming. Hundreds of kids have accepted Jesus as their Lord and savior since this project began. Many children in Pakistan have not yet heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Please consider supporting our outreach ministry!

Feeding the Homeless 

Twice a week we provide food for the homeless. Our ministry wants to show believers and nonbelievers in Pakistan God’s love and compassion. Please continue to help us support those in need!