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Vacation Bible School



Mehrosh Nathaniel, aka Marry is the Vice Chairman of God's Little Angels

Day 1 of Vacation Bible School in Lahore, Pakistan was a blessed event! We hosted over 1,200 children during our two-day VBS. Witnessing around 670 of these children give their life to Jesus Christ was astounding! Keep in my mind many of these children have NEVER heard the gospel of Jesus. Amazing! The topic over two-days was “Jesus Christ IS the Only God.”

Activities included:

  •           Learning the story of Elijah (the prophet and miracle worker) and how Ravens fed Elijah when he was hiding from Ahab (1 Kings 17:4 – 6).
  •          Quiz about the story of Elijah.
  •          Games
  •           Worship
  • Performances    

Each day lasted around 7 hours. Lots of planning and help from around 60 Sunday school teachers. We could not have done this without their help!

Word has spread of our success in Lahore and 1,500 children signed up for VBS part two, in Kasur. Amen! This is great news and a bit overwhelming as you can imagine. We need YOUR help!!


  • Bibles (for each child)
  • Craft supplies (art workshop for the kids)
  • Generator & fuel
  • Media (videographer, filming, editing, etc.)
  • Permits for the event space
  • Refreshments (snacks & drinks)
  • Rent for the event space
  • Security
  • Sound system rental
  • Teacher’s certificates to signify the occasion
  • Teacher’s small cash gift (appreciation for their help)
  • Tent rental
  • Travel (rental van, gas, and lodging)
  • Water (hookup to local water supply)

We worked very hard to pull off Vacation Bible School in Lahore!

There is so much work to do before July 26th and 27th.

We want to reach as many young souls as possible! Your help means so much to God’s Little Angels!

May God Bless You!


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