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Vacation Bible School



Mehrosh Nathaniel, aka Marry is the Vice Chairman of God's Little Angels

Day 2 of Vacation Bible School in Lahore, Pakistan came to a close. Our staff, teachers and, volunteers’ hard work plus tireless dedication (during this two-day event) paid off! What a blessing to host 1,200 children and witness 670 of these children receive salvation. Amen!

Day 2 Activities included:

  • Competition between each group (quiz, games, songs, etc.) to see what they learned and how well each group participated in all activities.
  • Brother Shahzaib taught another story about how Elijah confronts Ahab and GOD demonstrates his power (1 Kings 18:1 – 46).
  • Sister Gulzaib gave a quiz to each group about the story of Elijah.
  • Games between each group
  • Lots of signing
  • Performances from many talented young people
  • Worshiping all day long!

In the end, the group of winners was announced.

1st place – Youhandbad
2nd place – Fazlia
3rd place – FC+Ichra

Each teacher was called to the stage and given a certificate of appreciation and a small cash gift. Our token of love for these amazing teachers. We could not have done this without their help!

Our success in Lahore has led to 1,800 children signing up for VBS part two, in the city of Kasur. Thank you, Lord!

Expenses Include:

  • Bibles (for each child)
  • Craft supplies (art workshop for the kids)
  • Generator & fuel
  • Media (videographer, filming, editing, etc.)
  • Permits for the event space
  • Refreshments (snacks & drinks)
  • Rent for the event space
  • Security
  • Sound system rental
  • Teacher’s certificates to signify the occasion
  • Teacher’s small cash gift (appreciation for their help)
  • Tent rental
  • Travel (rental van, gas, and lodging)
  • Water (hookup to local water supply)

We worked very hard to pull off Vacation Bible School in Lahore! There is so much work to do before July 26th and 27th.

Your help is such a blessing for God’s Little Angels!

May God Bless You!


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